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Xiamen Rowey Glass Industry Co., Ltd. has more-than-15 year professional experience of borosilicate glass bottle production, about 100 workers, 47,000 square meters, fully automatic production line, 1,500,000 pcs/month supply ability. All of our machines are powered by electricity instead of fuels to preserve the environment.

Our borosilicate glass bottles are made by full-automatic compression and blow mold system. What is more, we are one of the two manufacturers in China mainland who can make borosilicate glass into molding with I. S. forming machine.

Quality and service are our cultures. Our factory has got ISO9001 Quality Management System, and all of our borosilicate glass bottles have passed FDA, EN14350, and  LFGB, etc. Excellent quality and service are our company culture and mission. Our company devotes ourselves to providing the best service and cooperating with clients to make it into a right and efficient way.

Our ideals have always been simple. We hope that we can become the most professional baby bottle manufacturer in the world. This is due to our proven manufacturing technology and we are one of only five borosilicate glass manufacturers in the world. This gives us great confidence in our products. As we all know, bottles made of borosilicate glass have excellent performance in shatterproof function.

In the past, most of the baby bottles used were plastic bottles until the appearance of the glass bottles. But a big problem with glass bottles is that the losses are more serious. Because glass bottles are always easy to break. Later, there were bottles of various materials, but in this process, they were mainly divided into glass and rubber.

However, rubber-based products will have undesirable factors in the use of products and disinfection products, so many people are more willing to choose glass. But the glass is easy to break, knowing that our borosilicate glass is available, people rekindle their love for baby glass bottles.

* more-than-15 years professional production experience;

* 47,000 square meters factory;

* 1,500,000 pcs/month/product line;

* Borosilicate glass bottle with ranks machine.

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