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Roweyglass Baby Bottles Advantages

Xiamen Rowey Glass Industry Co., Ltd. has more-than-15 year professional experience of borosilicate glass bottle production, about 100 workers, 47,000 square meters, fully automatic production line, 1,500,000 pcs/month supply ability. All of our machines are powered by electricity instead of fuels to preserve the environment.


Our borosilicate glass bottles are made by full-automatic compression and blow mold system. What is more, we are one of the two manufacturers in China mainland who can make borosilicate glass into molding with I. S. forming machine. 

As we know, there are currently five companies in the world that have the ability to make borosilicate glass, and we are one of them. I believe that this is a symbol of strength. Every manufacturer that can make borosilicate glass has significant differences in different fields. Some prefer to make medicated bottles, some prefer to make daily-use bottles, and we Rowey prefers the manufacture of baby bottles. As we all know, plastic bottles can get into the solution at a certain temperature with relatively bad factors. This is very bad for babies. For now, more and more people are using glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. Because more and more people think that glass bottles have more advantages. For example, glass bottles are easier to clean, glass bottles have a higher melting point, and glass bottles are less prone to volatilization or dissolve bad things into the solution. Of course, I believe you definitely want to say that the glass bottle is fragile. However, what I want to tell you is that this problem has been almost dealt with today. Glass bottles produced from borosilicate glass are not easily broken. We have experimented with releasing the glass bottle with the borosilicate glass bottle in the air of 2 meters and doing 100 sets of experiments. As a result, only 10 of the borosilicate glass bottles were broken. Everything else remains the same.

What is described above is our advantage. In the case that the glass is not easily broken, I think more and more people will like to replace the plastic bottle with a glass bottle.

Of course, our advantage is definitely not just that. First of all, our production capacity is sufficient. At present, the production capacity of one day can reach 10 tons per day, that is, one day we can produce 50,000 bottles of 200g weight. This output is relatively satisfactory for most of the sellers.

The factory is also very complete in terms of certificates. Our certificate is also very complete in the production of the bottle, which allows you to better clear customs and develop your customers.

On the packaging, we did a very detailed study. Through the analysis of past data, we have continuously upgraded our packaging. First of all, our packaging is separated by a card. This will better protect our bottles, which means we will reduce our breakage rate to a minimum. Of course, if our bottle is damaged during transportation, we can also negotiate.

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