How to choose the baby bottle

How To Choose The Baby Bottle

Baby bottles are essential daily necessities for babies. Whether they are safe and healthy, suitable for babies to suck, durable or not are all questions that mothers consider when buying baby bottles. 

So how do you choose a bottle?


First of all, how do we choose the material?

There is no doubt that glass bottles will be our first choice. Just as adults care about whether their cups are glasses or plastic cups, the bottle is a more important item for baby. Glass bottles will bring more health and bring us more convenience. Glass bottles are easier to clean and easier to disinfect. More easily disinfected? Why do you say that? We know that there are two ways to disinfect. One is sterilizer disinfection and the other is boil disinfection. What we usually use is more to boil. In this process, it is safer to sterilize the glass bottles. Plastic bottles will have unsafe elements to release.


Secondly, observe the bottle transparency. Whether it is a glass bottle or a plastic bottle, the transparency of quality bottles is very good, you can see the milk or water in the bottle, the scale on the bottle is very clear, standard.


Third, test the hardness of the milk bottle. High-quality bottles have high hardness and are not easily deformed by hand. The too soft texture of milk bottles, in the heat disinfection or add boiling water when deformation, may also appear toxic substances exudation.


Fourth, Smell the bottle. Inferior milk bottle, after opening, the smell will have a peculiar smell, and a qualified high-quality milk bottle is without any peculiar smell.


Then, after the above introduction, do you have a new understanding of the baby bottle? Do you pick the baby bottle you need? Is this article helpful to you?


Of course, if you have any questions on the baby bottle that you need to consult or if you have any questions you would like to share with others, you can contact us. We will work with you to verify that it is correct and then post it on the website.

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