How to prevent baby flatulence?

Prevent Baby Flatulence

Prevent flatulence

1. Feeding on time

Don't wait for the baby to cry for a long time before feeding, as long as he has a hungry expression to feed, otherwise it will cause a lot of air to cause flatulence due to long crying. And if the baby is too hungry, when the baby is eating milk, it will be very urgent and very hard, so it will also suck in too much air.

2. Pat the back after feeding

After feeding, gently tap on the back to promote snoring and venting.

3. Pay attention to the use of an anti-flatulence bottle

The anti-flatulence bottle can effectively reduce the air intake of the baby when drinking milk, thereby reducing the symptoms of snoring, flatulence and spitting milk.

4. Avoid baby crying for too long

Parents should calm their baby's emotions and avoid flatulence due to crying.

5. Eat less not easy digestible food

Infants and young children who have already started to eat complementary foods should eat less food that is not easy to digest and is prone to flatulence, such as sweet potatoes, beans, etc.

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