What's the difference between crystal and glass

Crystal and glass


Crystal is silicon dioxide (SiO2) crystal, it is usually colorless transparent but contains iron group elements can have different colors, such as purple, yellow, smoke gray, etc.

Crystal and glass are very similar in appearance, but they are two completely different substances. The main differences are as follows:

1. Different materials

Crystal is a crystalline form of silica, while the glass is a molten mixture containing silica.

2. Different effects

Glass has only a decorative function, while crystal has a piezoelectric effect besides decorative function.

3. The price is different

The unit price of crystal wants tower above than glass a few times even a few times.

4. Physical properties are different

1, crystal is a crystal, with higher hardness (Mohs 7), and the hardness of glass is lower, (Mohs 5.5), the crystal can draw marks on the glass, otherwise, it cannot.

2, crystal is a crystal, thermal conductivity is good, with the tip of the tongue to touch the feeling of cold. And the glass is warm.

3, Use polariscope to distinguish between crystal and glass.

Crystal and glass can be easily distinguished by their different physical properties.

5. The processing technology is different

Glass can be hot cast and formed, saving material and labor costs.

Crystal is a crystal after heating and melting can not be reversed, so we can not use the hot casting method, can only use cutting grinding and another cold processing method. The cost of materials and labor is high.

High hardness of crystal, not easy to wear out.Glass has low hardness and is easy to brush.

Crystal stability, long - term use will not change color.Glass turns yellow easily.

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