For your Child's Safty and Health

The glass baby bottle instructions

Always use this product with adult supervision.

Never use feeding test(nipples) as a soother.

Keep all components not in use out of the reach of children.

Inspect the production thoroughly before each use. To prevent a possible choking hazard, test strength of nipple regularly by pulling hard on nipple. Inspected regularly, especially when baby is teething. if nipple becomes cracked, torn or otherwise damaged, discontinue use immediately.

Do not attempt to enlarge the nipple hole, as this will cause tearing.

Do not leave nipples under direct sunlight or heat.

Do not warm contents in a microwave oven as this may cause uneven heating and may create hot spots in the liquid.

Do not allow the child to play with this product or any components or walk/run while using the bottle 

We recommend replacing nipples in a dry covered container when not in use.

Mix liquids well before use and check the temperature before feeding.

sudden temperature changes can cause the bottle to crack or break.

Be sure the bottle and liquid are at the same temperature when filling or warming.

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