Which glass can hold hot water?

Advantages of borosilicate glass

Cheap and beautiful make the glass the first choice for many families. However, beautiful things are always easy to break. Presumably, many people have experienced the sudden burst of the cup after pouring hot water into the glass. So which glass can hold hot water?

1. material factor

Ordinary glass is made of soda-lime glass. In addition to the main component silica, there are more calcium oxide and sodium oxide. Among them, sodium oxide will increase the thermal expansion coefficient of glass and reduce the heat of glass. Stability, chemical stability, and mechanical strength, so the glass with sodium soda glass can only hold liquid below 70 °C, manufacturers will advise customers not to hold warm water over 60 °C in the manual. If you want to hold hot water above 100 °C, such as rushing coffee, you need a glass made of borosilicate glass. Gaopeng silica glass has high thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and the glass produced can withstand temperatures above 200 °C.

2. Work factors

In addition to the material problem, the manufacturing process and quality of the glass are also factors that affect whether the glass will self-explosion when it is filled with hot water. In the thickness, the thickness of the glass is too large, and the thickness is not uniform, which will degrade the quality of the glass. In addition, due to the accuracy of the grinding tool, there are burrs, blistering, etc. at the edges of the inferior glass. Also, when the raw material is impure, when the glass contains impurities, although it is difficult to see by the naked eye, once it collides and the temperature changes drastically, it also has the danger of "self-explosion". The so-called one penny of goods, you must look for regular manufacturers when buying glasses, to avoid unnecessary danger.

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