Do you prepare the baby milk formula proportionally

Milk powder ratio

Be afraid of darling nutrition not enough, make thicker? 

No more, no less!

Milk powder must be strictly according to the proportion of the instructions! 

One spoonful more or less is dangerous, especially for younger babies. Milk powder is too strong to digest so much protein and fat at one time, which increases the burden on the intestines and stomach, causing constipation, indigestion and even intestinal necrosis. On the other hand, too many minerals will be consumed, which will damage the kidneys. Of course, too thin milk powder is not good. Especially before the age of 1, milk is the baby's staple food, milk-drinking too thin easy to malnutrition. For newborns, it is also easy to take in too much water, the kidney can not timely discharge, causing water poisoning.

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