How to remove the car window mist correctly?

Remove the car window mist


The car window internal fog, mainly because in winter or cold rainy season, the car temperature difference between inside and outside, the window temperature is low. When a person sits in a car, the vapor exhaled and the vapor from the outside immediately liquefies when it touches the cold glass, forming a mist. How to remove the fog on the glass correctly?

1. Open a window for ventilation. In the car, the amount of steam, open the window to let air convection, accelerate the air circulation in the car, let the steam quickly out of the glass fog will disappear naturally.

2. Use an air conditioner to remove fog. The most effective way to fog the glass is to turn on the air conditioner, turn on the external circulation, and then turn the wind direction to the windshield to use the maximum wind speed.

3. Remove fog with warm wind. In winter, drivers generally use heating, heating, and air - conditioning methods of mist removal the same. The effect that removes mist with warm wind wants to compare cold wind to remove mist the effect is good, need not worry about twice rise mist, but the speed that warm wind removes mist is not had cold wind fast, when just opening, the mist can be bigger instead. Can choose to start the vehicle in place, while blowing air while using a dry towel to wipe the glass, so the efficiency of mist removal will be a little higher. 

But remember, never clean Windows while driving.

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