What are the categories of glass baby bottles?

What are the categories of glass baby bottles?

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1.    According to the material, it is divided into borosilicate glass and soda lime glass. Borosilicate glass has better physical stability and temperature resistance, more transparent and beautiful.


2.    According to the production process: it is mainly divided into molded glass baby bottle and tube glass baby bottle. Molded glass baby bottle is high-strength and more safety.


3.    According to the mouth width, it is divided into standard mouth, wide would and super-wide mouth baby bottles. People in different places have different preferences. At present, the glass baby bottle with wide mouth is more and more popular with the public. Compared with the standard mouth, the wide mouth bottle is more convenient to add milk powder and clean.


4.    According to the volume: the market is usually easy for 120ml, 150ml, 220ml, 240ml, etc., usually recommend parents to buy at least buy one small one, large volume of milk, small volume of water.

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