How to clean household glass?

Clean household glass


1, drop kerosene on the glass, or with chalk ash and gypsum powder dipped in water coating on the glass dry, with clean cloth or cotton wipe, the glass will be clean and bright.

2, with a clean cloth, dipped in water to wipe the glass, then wipe with toilet paper, the glass will be very clean.

3. Cleaning Windows with onion slices not only removes dirt from the Windows but also makes them especially bright.

4, vinegar and water according to 1:2 ratio, into the spray, spray on the glass and wipe, can wipe very clean.

5, add 5% marina solution or gasoline in the birdbath, clean glass with its, wait for the glass to dry slightly reoccupy dry cloth is wiped clean, glass can be spotless, bright and transparent.

6, if the window stained with bird droppings, can be dipped in vinegar cloth wipe; And the window that has grease stain, the usable lemon cut is wiped, can brush very clean.

7, if there are paint spots or dirt on the glass, can be coated with some vinegar, to be soaked soft and then wipe with a clean cloth, easy to wipe off.

8, such as black glass, can be wiped with a fine cloth coated toothpaste, will make the glass both clean and bright.

9, children with crayon on the glass mark with a cloth dipped in some oil cream to wipe, can be quickly removed.

10, the besmirch on glass, still usable towel dips in beer, after wring, wipe, wipe with clean dishcloth again finally meeting brightness is clean.

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